How to Play Android Games on PC

Basic: By Emulator


Currently, Bluestacks is the best Android Emulator in existence.

1. Visit and Download BlueStacks-SplitInstaller_native.exe
2. Just install. Recommend to check app store access.
3. Download games by Google Play or other ways. ex) 1Mobile, AMD AppZone.
4. If you have APKs, Install APKs by double clicking.

Defender II on Bluestacks

Easy install, easy supporting APKs. But In most cases, 3D acceleration is not satisfactory. also, relatively require high CPU performance.

Cehck! You must edit following lines on registry to completely uninstall Bluestacks.

Advanced: By Virtual Machine with OpenGL


More comfortable playing Android games on PC by hardware acceleration.

First, you need followings.
1. Oracle VM VirtualBox from
2. OVA file from recommend vbox86t version with gapps & houdini.
3. AndroVM from recommend Windows 64-bit.

Install VirtualBox, and Import OVA file.

Check DHCP configuration.

Set Network Adapter to "Host Only Adapter".

Click Start button, you will be see Android tablet.

Click AndroVM app, and check hardware OpenGL. Android tablet will restart.

Now the last step. type this on command line, recommend to create a BAT file.
$Downloaded Path$\AndroVMplayer.exe 1280 1024 200For more details go here. AndroVM – Configuration Tutorial

Raging Thunder on AndroVM

Amazing :), AndroVM is faster than physical android devices.
Enjoy your game life.
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